I’ll be back…….

It is with great sadness that I have decided to postpone my MLS journey for the foreseeable future. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the league and in particular becoming versed in all that is Toronto FC from the clubs knowledgeable fans. However my circumstances have recently dramatically changed and I now enter a new and exciting chapter in my career. I am optimistic that I will one day write about MLS again and I hope you will accept my sincereĀ apologies for my abrupt departure from the Major League Soccer scene- I have enjoyed every kick!

Jimmy Stone




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4 responses to “I’ll be back…….

  1. Adam Waltering

    What a SHOCK!

  2. Nathan

    Best of luck Jimmy! On behalf of all TFC fans I hope will continue to support the boys from afar and thanks for all the entertaining blog posts.

  3. I enjoyed reading your perspective on things – if you have time for the odd post, have at it, and best of luck in whatever you’re off to do…

  4. Can’t say I’m too surprised….

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