Chants & Champions- My MLS Journey Continues

This week has been a warm up for what my life is likely to be like after November 20th. There will be a gaping chasm left by the disappearance of Major League Soccer and I’m not looking forward to it. The end of MLS 2011 will, for me inevitably instigate a return to watching the safe, comfortable English Premier League where quality is guaranteed but my readers will know that is not what I covet. Until the return of Major League Soccer I will yearn for a feast of goals at Pizza Hut Park and I will long for the chance to see the ungraceful Luke Rodgers partner the effortlessly cool Thierry Henry upfront.  Most of all I of course will miss getting up at silly o’clock in the morning so I can watch Toronto FC perform rather inconsistently and lose points from winning positions. It might sound like I’m being disparaging towards Major League Soccer but these are truly some of the occurrences that have caused me to fall in love with your superbly peculiar league. At points I have half expected to see a former women’s national team player jump on the pitch to interview Rafa Marquez whilst he is still “playing” for New York Red Bulls. You might think I’m joking (and you would be correct) but I assure you it is only a matter of time before MLS let journalists on the pitch whilst play continues.

So because Major League Soccer won’t buckle to pressure from Europe and play when we play (selfish), I have only the MLS Cup final to look forward to. Annoyingly it looks set to go just as David Beckham dreamed it would. The superstar’s final contribution to Major League Soccer will probably be his most significant; lifting the trophy itself. If LA beat Houston Dynamo (as I fully expect them to) then I am certain Beckham will leave Major League Soccer claiming his job done. The big question I suppose is has Beckham bridged the gap between MLS and the rest of the world and the answer for me is a categorical no. The truth is if one player could have won MLS a global audience then it was Beckham, he couldn’t and therefore no one player ever will. That is not to say Major League Soccer won’t get there it will just take a collective effort and of course plenty of money. Someone who I’m sure will have an informed opinion on Beckham’s probable departure is Sports Illustrated writer Grant Wahl who this week told the world of his fondness for this very blog. I have been shamelessly boasting ever since.

It was good to see Robbie Keane representing Major League Soccer for Ireland during their play-off victory over Estonia although I’m not sure all LA Galaxy fans will see it that way. Robbie Keane will now miss at half of Galaxies June 2012 schedule and possibly even longer. Colorado Rapids fans do not seem as concerned about missing Caleb Folan. Something I put down to the fact that most of the Irish nation would have to contract some sort dilapidating illness before Giovanni Trapattoni considered him for selection again. That is probably unfair, but I just am one of those old fashioned football fans who believe strikers should offer some sort of goal threat.

And finally I want to offer my fellow Toronto FC fans some well deserved recognition. One of the drawbacks of following a team that is based  3372.803 miles away from you is that you miss out on the wonderful harmonic repartee that you only get at a football match. However this week I learnt of Toronto fans singing one of the most superbly spiteful chants I have ever come across. Unless misinformed I’m told fans of the Reds can often be heard singing “We don’t pay for healthcare, we don’t pay for healthcare lalalala” towards their American adversaries. What can I say other than well done?! Captured in that song is the very essence of what every football chant should have. What I like most is the wonderful childish unkind undertone that even the opposition’s fans have to reluctantly chuckle at. Not quite malicious but brilliantly mean and I take my hat off to whoever thought it up. Until next time Canadians, enjoy your free health care and to those from the U.S.A (and Caleb Folan) I hope you have a sense of humour! Goodbye.


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8 responses to “Chants & Champions- My MLS Journey Continues

  1. Alonso

    Great blog. Thanks for giving us your perspective on the MLS, hopefully one day Garber’s assertion that MLS will be among the top 5 football leagues in the world by 2022 will come true.

    LOL on the healthcare chant. I always thought it was bordering on the classless and semantic side, but couldn’t help myself when chanting it. LOL

  2. Adam Waltering

    Still love the blog. To mirror your new found love for MLS, after watching the FA Cup seriously for the first time I have taken a liking to English lower division teams. Specifically Alfreton Town (not sure why) and Fleetwood Town. I really like the lower level stuff, it’s not as pretty but it’s more fun to watch and the fans are definately true supporters. Anyway, great job and enjoy the finals.

  3. Kejsare

    Timbers Army:

    “You’ll always be,
    A British Colony!
    A British Colony!”

    “The queen is on you money!”

    And other chants about watered down beer.

    Haven’t been to the blog in a month or so. You’re still here! Great! Good writing too.

    • Registrado

      “You’ll always have…
      NPD, NPD (Narcissistic personality disorder)!”

      “Georgie, a slave driver, is on your money!”

      It is good writing, isn’t it.. 😀

    • lobo

      “The queen is on you money!”
      – true

      “And other chants about watered down beer.”
      – gotta assume these are directed at the american side, otherwise … ironic!

  4. Jim Barg

    Chicago Addick led me here. Good work. Welcome to the RSS feed, sir.

    (From an American Addick, no less.)

  5. George Sherwood

    Nice job on the blog from an FC Dallas fan even if you don’t like our stadium name, but you won’t have to worry about that next year since Pizza Hut has backed out of the sponsorship.

  6. R Pancake

    I see how it is, EPL starts ramping up and the MLS Cup is forgotten about. I was looking forward to seeing your response to the big game, but alas, I don’t think you watched it… ;~)

    Any thoughts on MLSers plying their trade in Britainia? Tim Ream, George John & Robbie Rogers have yet to lace up for league matches, but LD, Robbie Keane & TH12 seem to be making a nuisance of themselves to other teams.

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